About us


+WATT srl, is a young company, founded with the aim of placing dietary supplements on the market that are specifically created for certain sports. These products are perfected with the work and co-operation of technical/scientific experts, with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and nutritional field, who, from their passion for sport, have concentrated their know-how on dietary supplements. Making new products does not just mean being ahead of market requests but, above all, translating for athletes the most recent discoveries and studies in the fields of Nutrition and Sports Medicine. This is the challenge that +Watt is now carrying forward.
In the list of +Watt products, alongside the "classical" formulas there are also original and innovative formulations and products. Special care and attention is paid to selecting top quality raw materials, that are chosen on the basis of very high quality standards and which guarantee competitive prices. In fact, the success of +Watt is founded on the excellent quality/price ratio.
ENDURANCE is dedicated to athletes in resistance sports and general fitness, and is particularly indicated for cyclists. These are "pocket sized" products, easy to carry around even during training sessions or competitions. These products supported and aided the "Polti team" of cyclists to win the Italian Tour in 1999, with Ivan Gotti, and several national teams in various sports fields have used them.
POWER is created for BodyBuilding athletes, with the best of classical products (creatine, glutamine, proteins, etc.) and the best of the most advanced products (pyruvate, glycerol, ribose, etc.) to help athletes reach their personal physical limits and … beyond.
WEIGHT MANAGEMENT is a line of products created to defeat the problem of western countries: overweight. These are valid products for supporting and helping people in slimming, and offer dieticians the ideal tools to support patients who are following low-calorie diets.
+Watt headquarters are in Padua.